What does your Social Network say about you?

Twitter – (Upfront and Natural) Twitter is for people who love news. They prefer short but straight-to-the-point updates. Simplicity and minimalism are their cups of tea. People who have a hectic lifestyle but still manage to keep themselves posted and updated prefer to tweet.

Facebook – (Friendly and Funny) Based on statistics, 40% of Facebook’s population use it as a tool for socialization and distribution. Since Facebook is a multi-content approach involving games, photos, and news, people who use it as the primary Social Networking Site aims to balance their business and leisure.

Instagram – (Adventurous and Stylish) Bloggers and designers use Instagram as an essential to their work. Their domination in this networking site makes relevance to a record confirming that people using Instagram have their most interest in clothing, food, and travel.

YouTube – (Daring and Brave) (1) People who are born speakers and performers showcase their talents through videos using YouTube as their main social media platform. Their common goal is to be acknowledged and get viral. (2) While others enjoy performing, some see themselves as avid viewers. Their main diversions are demo’s, movies, music videos, news, and documentations.

LinkedIn – (Focused and Motivated) LinkedIn users are people whose primary goal is professional networking and almost nothing more. If this is your favorite Social Networking Site, this means you have selective interest and reliance in the social media trends and likes to focus on obtaining reliable connections and information.


For sure many of us use more than one Social Media Site for many different reasons. I stalk my favorite celebrities on Instagram, use Facebook to keep in touch with my friends (and have another account that my mom doesn’t know). How about you? Whatever your choices are, know that they tell so much about you! So if people are looking, then make their time worthwhile.

Post happy pictures. Tweet of positivity. Channel your talent, and Influence for the good! 



The rapid growth and proliferation of social media in just about every sphere is undeniable.


The continued creation and adoption of new networks will not slow, but become more specialized over time as participants enjoy more and more niche communities.


Once a chatty playground, social media tools are now the most disruptive form of communication on the planet; one that businesses need to understand, take part in and monitor, in order to grow.


However, the rapid rise of adoption means that many companies are still learning the power of social media and striving to understand how it can flow into their systems. Whether to task Marketing, PR, or Customer Service with the company’s social media efforts is a difficult decision. Furthermore, in this emerging landscape it can be a challenge for companies to budget appropriately for their social media tools and campaigns.


What is the solution? Within most companies, social media is best employed as an inter-disciplinary initiative, crossing the verticals of each department to engage customers and audiences with the highest level of expertise.


We're hardwired for social media campaigns. Not only do we offer social media programs to help businesses and organizations manage multiple networks and profiles, we use social media to promote our own business, the same way that our customers do. As practitioners and developers, we continually seek the best practices of this medium and incorporate into our tools.


Our SEO program is designed to help companies understand the emerging trends and successful methods for integrating social media into your corporate culture. We truly look forward to seeing the success you achieve in your social media campaigns as a result of the knowledge we provide. 

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